A cheap and automated data dispensing service for data resellers
Download Speedydata Android App   You can now own your own Data Reselling Website for just ₦10,000. Chat us now to get started.

Who We Are

Speedydata is a registered platform with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We provides quick data services to data resellers at unbeatable rates.

Why Us

Our data is cheaper, hence you make more profit

You do not have to worry about your subscription getting expired

Data dispensing is automated

You do not need to subscribe the data yourself. So we've got you covered during emergencies.

How it works

It's simple to get started with Speedydata, the steps below describe the process:

  • Sign up and login to Speedydata
  • Fund your account by clicking on the deposit button and paying directly to any of the Speedydata coperate bank account.
  • Your Speedydata wallet will be credited and you can start placing orders for data on any network.
  • That's all it takes to serve your customers directly from Speedydata.
  • For more enquiries, you can Call, SMS or Whatsapp us at +2349031286947

Do You Know?

You can now own your own Data Reselling Website just like Speedydata for as little as ₦20,000. Chat Us now to get started.

Create your own Data Reselling website today, with your own Business name and domain.

No coding or technical knowhow required because everything is already setup for you.

Available Data and Prices

Data Price List
Network Amount Size Validity
MTN ₦250 1gb 1 month
MTN ₦500 2gb 1 month
MTN ₦750 3gb 1 month
MTN ₦1,000 4gb 1 month
MTN ₦1,250 5gb 1 month
MTN ₦2,500 10gb 1 month
MTN ₦3,750 15gb 1 month
MTN ₦5,000 20gb 1 month
AIRTEL ₦850 1.5gb 1 month
AIRTEL ₦1,700 4.5gb 1 month
AIRTEL ₦2,125 6gb 1month
AIRTEL ₦2,550 10gb 1month
GLO ₦450 1gb 14days
GLO ₦900 3.9gb 1month
GLO ₦1,350 7.5gb 1month
GLO ₦1,800 9.2gb 1month
GLO ₦2,250 10.8gb 1month
9 MOBILE ₦850 1.5gb 1month
9 MOBILE ₦1,700 4.5gb 1month
9 MOBILE ₦3,400 11gb 1month
9 MOBILE ₦4,400 15gb 1month
Other Services
Airtime Topup -    2% discount
TV Subscription -    0.5% discount
Electricity -    0.5 - 1.5% discount